few words about us...
It did not take too long till I came about the GRI website and made my own acquaintance with reporting and CSR, a very new concept in Israel. Few days after I was already corresponding with senior GRI executives taking upon my self the task of translating the G3 into Hebrew.


I launched the Hebrew G3 at the end of December 2006 in a special CSR conference in Tel-Aviv. The day after the conference I got a telephone from Bank Leumi Le-Israel, the largest bank in Israel, and in the following day I was already working on the first Israeli GRI G3 report (http://www.corporateregister.com/search/report.cgi?num=19360-gZnUW3GsMsA ). The report got the B application level and it was published in Israel at mid march 2007 together with the financial reports of the bank.


To the previous company, I can add a second company that we are currently  working with, Coca Cola Israel. Together we are formulating a cross-group (6 different firms) environmental responsibility policy with full life cycle assessment, launching and managing its stakeholders engagement, leading company managerial discussion etc.

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Liad Ortar

חברת בניית אתרים הגדולה בישראל